Welcome to Creative Solutions Center Zanzibar. We are Aida Ayers and Mbarouk Saad, directors and co-founders . Thank you for taking the time to look into our project, we hope you find the following information helpful. We are a community based project, in a village of about 2000. We began building our home here in 2002 with the idea that we would eventually build a school. The NGO was officially established in 2006, but we began teaching classes where ever and when ever possible in 2002. In 2007 we finally moved into our home and invited people from the community in to study. Classes were held in every room except our bedroom and kitchen.


When you visit Creative Solutions you will be immersed in art and local culture.  *As is typical in Africa we are subject to power outages and water shortages at the discretion of the government. We do our best to provide a good, clean, safe and conducive learning environment.


For first timers to Africa, you will encounter a variety of new experiences, both remarkable and bizarre. We have an anagram we use when interesting things happen; like the power going out, an ant invasion, a glorious sunrise, a majestic sunset or whatever strange mishap occurs; we say T.I.A. (this is Africa), and we try to approach life with a sense of humor, a lot of love and remember to count our blessings. 


Creative Solutions has been many things over the years; a venue to learn English and Computer, an abode for budding actors and artists, a livelihood center, and a place to share skills and knowledge, a temporary health center. We are constantly evolving to try to meet the needs of the local community. 

























Head North from town, about 27 kilometers turn left at the Mangapwani Watersports sign and continue for another 7 kilometers. You will pass a bridge and after another 2 kilometers you will see a Creative Solutions sign on the left near a transformer. Turn left at the sign, you have arrived.


Karibuni sana!




























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