Nayuu pre school
Our preschool was initiated in January of 2008 out of a desire to give the children of Mangapwani a head start. Under the tuition of Mrs. Nasra Yusuf, and Bi Asia, her assistant, we accommodate 20 students per year, more than half through our sponsorship program. We cater to children 4 to 6 years old. The curriculum includes, Swahili. English, Sign language, reading, art education, and math in preparation for Primary school.
You can sponsor a child
Art workshops
We offer workshops in warm glass art, mosaic tile/glass, found object sculpture, painting and puppet making. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice, your artistic spirit will be awakened! Inquire about fees and scheduling, you can join an ongoing class or create your own, there are also artist residencies and volunteer opportunities available
Environmental education
Participate in our Resource Management and Environmental Education class. These classes can be booked in advance. Spend the day learning about how to turn your trash into treasures. You will experience first hand: Solar System Tour/Process, Composting, Kiln Firing/Bottle melting, Bottle cap Art, Bottle Art, Plastic recycling, Puppet making and even Mosaic Tile Art!
Community classes
Our classes are taught in English and Swahili and are available to all ages! Art, Handcrafts or Glass Art
Our facility is equipped with 2 kilns, workshops and space to create. We create works that are environmentally friendly by using plastic, glass, paper and other found objects
Interim Secondary School English ((Upon Request))
This three month course is designed specifically for Secondary students preparing for National Exams.
Performance/Puppet Theatre
These classes are open to anyone interested in acquiring new art skills in both visual and performance art.
Call us at: 255(0)773 309 092 / 255(0)777 453 592