Drop In
If you are you planning a Spice Tour or a visit to the slave chamber at Mangapwani, stop by and see what is going on at Creative Solutions. Grab some refreshment, relax and enjoy the art on our beautiful grounds, visit our shop and purchase handmade, up cycled arts. Please call in advance and let us know you are coming! 11am-4pm, Monday –Thursday, $5/person, 1 hr
Environmental Arts Tour
Make a day of it! Call and set an appointment at least 24 hours before and spend the day with us. Learn to make handmade paper, mosaic art, cut and melt glass bottles or make a wind chime to take home! Let us know in advance and our chef will prepare a delicious lunch for you. 11am-3pm, Mon-Thursday, $25/person, $40 with lunch
Weekend Art Retreat
Book an art filled weekend retreat for your group of up to 10. Visit Mangapwani and get away from it all. Use our space to host your own planning session or workshop. We offer self-contained dorm style rooms. There are a variety of local, off site activities such as a hike to the beach or a dip in a spring pool. All of your meals are provided along with a BBQ under the stars. Choose from a variety of art workshops (no artistic experience required). Make and take your own artistic creation. Friday 4pm to Sunday 11am, $100/person
Volunteer Opportunities
Teach language, preschool classes, puppet theatre, visual art or music, performance and dance. We are always looking for creative individuals to bring their own ideas in education! Volunteer fees are $30 per night or $600 per month; includes room, board, supplies and informal language instruction.
Propose Your Own Project! If you have a special skill you believe is useful, develop a program and submit a proposal. We are open to learning new skills, techniques, alternative ways of doing things
Call us at: 255(0)773 309 092 / 255(0)777 453 592